Page 147

–Ok, so here it is the last page before my 3-week vacation.At least that’s what I thought a few days ago.But…
–I know you guys are awesome waiting each Friday for a new update and I love you for being so enthusiastic about this comic.Unfortunately,somewhere between drawing,there’s life and you can’t always predict or schedule certain incidents.
–Chances are, the updates in the next few months are not going to be veeeery prompt,since a family member is facing some health issues and I have to give a helping hand. I will try to be a good girl and upload at least every other week,but pardon me in advance if I fail to do so.

–Don’t you worry though,the next update will certainly be in 4 weeks,that; I can guarantee!

–So, see ya in a month ;)

*I know I don’t update on these incentives thingies but I really appreciate every vote .

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