For such a wasted guy,Izzy sure has quick reflexes.

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Oooookay. Now we are going to see some fireworks, I hope. If Kamir’s bullet finds an unintended mark, that’s a whole new ball game. I am impressed with how fast Isidore recovered from his bicycle spill. Especially with the cops right on his tail. Also, NICE job on the rear view mirror in Kamir’s car. Cut believed glass. Angeliki, you’ve been doing your homework on cars, haven’t you. You know us car guys really like that stuff. Makes you very endearing to us. ;) Now I’m not sure if Izzy putting his arm up in front of his face would have stopped the round fired from ass wipes pistol, but it is a perfectly natural reaction. Alright the rest of you followers, LEAVE A COMMENT! It’s not that hard, and I know our illustrious artist would love to hear from you.

Honestly, when I first saw this comic floating around on deviantART I was not at all interested, but now that I’ve read it, I am so pumped to see more. I can’t want for the next page after every update. (:

@jsfury: I am a car-chase junkie myselft so I had to do something about THAT (and yeah he did recover fast I accept the critisism:P)

It’s hard to choreograph a car chase scene don’t be fooled:P
And thanks for the commenting hint!I always read the comments you guys are writing (even if lately I am slow on my replies:)
Thank you!

@Zoë ‘Noobie’ Elger: That’s so awesome!It’s more grand to have gained a reader who was not into it at first!
Thank you!

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