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Happy new Year everybody! Mine started out with fever and severe abdominal pain but hey.Could be worse!!!:P


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Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit under the weather Angeliki, hope you’ll be feeling better soon. Good to have you back, and looking forward to seeing Kamir get his. Hopefully soon I hope. Kind of wish there was a comment section below the comic where those of us who follow your wonderful work could communicate our thoughts. Sort of like the way “Next Town Over” is set up. Okay, hoping you have a Happy New Year too.

I am much better (thankfully)!
As for the comments section, yeap you are right, I intend to make an update on the whole website and how it’s set-up, but that needs time, a luxury I don’t have at the moment *sigh*.Still you get to leave a comment here right? Hehehe! NTO is a brilliant comic and has an awesome webpage as well ;)
Thank you so-so much for your kind words,I appreciate it!

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