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Flappers.You know how that works.

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I really love your comic, cery well drawn and a compelling story.

A little advice as a French if I may. Your french lines looks like they’ve been translated by Google. The meaning is kept but there are some mistakes.

It’s not a critic, writing in a language that is not yout own can be pretty tricky.

So keep going !

PS : Here’s what would have been better lines (I mean closer to what is written in English, I’m not judging anything else, I wouldn’t have any cred doing it)
Instead of “J’aime ma nouvelle voiture ! C’est beau”
“J’adore ma nouvelle voiture ! Elle est belle !” (The ‘verb’ adorer would be preferably use in this sense. And in French even inanimate objects have gender)
Instead of “Je ne m’inquiète pas ! Elle peut nous rejoindre si elle aimerait !”
“Ce n’est pas grave ! Elle peut nous rejoindre si elle veut !” (Present is the tense to use in this case)
Hope this helps and is not taken wrongly. I really admire your work.

Thank you so much for the feedback!!!Actually it has been translated from google, so I was a bit in awe that no one seemed to find any mistakes!I will correct it as soon as I can!
Again thanks for the help I appreciate it!!

You’re welcome and I’m happy to see my ‘critic’ was taken in the spirit it was given.

Once again, the meaning was okay. I must admit I almost didn’t say anything as I often read or hear foreign languages being slaughtered by my fellow Frenchs and myself but the last sentence really made me cringe because of the tense. It is a strange fact in French that the condition is never in the conditional mode of conjugation.

No!Please do tell if you spot any mistakes, that helps me a lot.My french is begginers level (and that’s an understatement) so the input from my french readers is vital!!! Merci!

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