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Isidore to the rescue!!!

SEX.Got your attention?Good.Now Vote :P

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@Isobel Saul Yes sorry I am not sorry, I still got you around in voting hehehehe

@Mickaela Casper Yes he was asking for it!

Righteous Isidore. Nailed the bastard ego right where it needed it. Prefect execution Angeliki. :D The big prick walked right into that one. However, now comes the real duel. And to think, this is all just recall. Great work Ange.

@jsfurry Yes now things got serious! Let me thank you for taking time making comments here on the website even though the comments section is still meh.Means a lot!

Angeliki, I’ll keep commenting when I can. As for the comment section here, give it time, it will pick up. It is a little hard to get started but once you log in it’s easy to do. ;)

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