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I wasn’t sure if I should update, taking into consideration the current events in France. So sad…So-so sad.

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Yes Angeliki, very sad what has happened in France, but honestly, not unexpected. There’s a war going on, and we all need to wake up to that fact and put down the aggressors. Permanently.

Now, about your update. I see Izzy did NOT pick up Gerou’s gun. I would have picked it up and shot his sorry ass right there. But that’s just me. I’m sure you have more about that coming in the future up dates.

Also, there’s a hell of a lot more stairs then I imagined there would be. As I see in the page before, Magda looks like she’s maybe four floors up. In today’s up date it looks like Izzy’s climbed seven or eight floors to get to Gerou’s door. I wounder if he’s kicking down the right door?

that IS a crazy amount of stairs! I LOVE the angle and all the drawings and think´s I´ve been seing on all this last few pages, the part of the bike where he knocks Kamir down! omg I just absolutely loved it!! happy 2015!

btw isidore must have such iron legs! climbing those stairs after riding that bike for who knows how far??? and sort of keeping up with a car! Isidore for the olympics!

I love your work like crazy, and I´m looking foward to keep reading on this new year!

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