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Morgil, to the best of my knowledge, technically speaking Adeline is holding the Chicago Type Writer the correct way for a short three to five round burst. The only thing is she has it on the wrong hip. Butt of the Tommy on the hip, and gun slightly tilted to the side. Now when this gun is fired, its recoil climb goes up and to the right. (from what I understand.) Mafia torpedo’s would hold the gun on the right hip and squeeze of eight to twelve round with the gun pointing down towards the their left, and stopping almost at their shoulder height. This would effectively just about cut someone in half at close range. Andeliki, are you taking notes here? The way Adeline is holding the gun it would pull pretty quick towards the floor.

Hehehe, OK your knowledge over guns is fascinating and may I say- a bit- scary?:P

I do take notes though, and thanks for always commenting, I really appreciate it!

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