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I am still alive and kickin’!!! New page after,well ….TOO LONG.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I don’t want to get into much details, but it was a very-very rough summer, my man got sick. We are both recovering now, him physically and me emotionally :)
The irony of finding out your boyfriend is ill, when you just uploaded the page of your main character getting shot. *sigh*

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Welcome back Angeliki, so happy to see your doing okay. From your brief description seems like your beau, (boyfriend) was very seriously ill. Glad he, and you, are doing better.

Now, about the situation here in the comic. OH COM’ON! REALLY!?! Magda is not as quick on combative reflexes as I was hoping she would be.

Hey, you’re still coloring the cooling fins on the machine gun brown. Stop it! That’s part if the steel barrel, you want that to be black.

Hehehehheh Let’s just say that I prefer the coloring element of brown on that part of the gun!

Thanks :)

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