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What makes a monster and what makes a man?

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Okay. Okay. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!?! Let me review a little. The page before I’m seeing what appears to be Gerou running AWAY from the impending doom. Oh dear, my mistake, the slimy BASTARD is actually RUNNING BACK! As we now see on this page. Ange, REALLY?!? There’s no way this ruthless killer has suddenly grown a heart ten time too big,’kay? He’s a killer! You have illustrated this numerous times. There’s always an ulterior motive with these vile creatures, and I’m guessing he’s thinking one up now. Well, I can’t think what your writing Angeliki, after all, this is your baby. But you sure know how to keep us guessing. HEY! How about the rest of you reading this out there. Have you any input? Stop being such a bunch of wall flowers and WRITE SOMETHING!!! Bunch of sad sacks anyway.

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