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AAAaaand last page of Chapter 8!

The reason I haven’t uploaded anything in a while is because I finished the comic (yeeeei) and I am now gathering material for the crowdfunding campaign to have this baby printed! I will keep you posted about it, but for now you can follow Charlatan’s page on Facebook where I upload small clips of the animation for the trailer (oh yeah there will be animation)

PS: There is a small epilogue that you guys HAVE TO read, but it will only be available in the printed version (well, I have to convince you to give your money SOMEHOW, right?)!

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Finally!! And a nice ending too <3

I'd love to buy the printed version to have a physical reminder of this epic journey I've been following for years (and read the epilogue too hehe).

That’s a very good question Mike. The way Ange finished this one it sounds like it OVER! No more Charlatan, Magda or the murderous slim ball Kamir. Finished! Finito Benito! No more! DONE! And that would really be awful if it were the case.

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