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see the last frame becoming a meme.



I love how does the wet hair of Isidore look! and I speacially like the last panel! the angel that isidore has is fantastic! :D

maybe in things that I maybe would have done a little diferent (with all the respect of your work, which is great) In panel 3 I would have cut the image or extended the panel, intead of making that…. king of.. transparence ? that passes trough the border? it looked a little funny to me, also, the fourth panel, I wouldn´t have cuted the head of phillipe, since it´s such an important conforntations scene I would have given priority to the character, more taking into acount that the isidore panel that cuts his head has nothing that relevant on that corner, in sixt panel, I like a lot how hi grabs magda, and the expretion on their faces, though she seems a little to inclinied to me, for a sec there I actually tought she was falling and that he had caught her; and lastly in the 7th panel, I dunno if I would have gone with white for backgorund, with all the other panels so full of colors it really looks kinda weird (to me at least) and I think maybe another color could have given a better feeling of anxiaty and tension between them both :3

I really hope this doesn´t come as douchy or anything, just giving an opinion :3 and curious also of why you maybe decided to do it the other way around, still congratulations! I LOVE this comic!

Woah lot of reading:P Yeah about the transparency that’s a ‘movie mistake’ and I will have to fix it.

I know that when you do this sort of thing, you see it and spot 20 million mistakes.I do ,too.But at the end of the day you just have to wrap it up.Seriously I could work on these pages f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Unfortunately I can’t so I have to follow my gut when setting it up.

This doesn’t mean I don’t count opinions.Actually I am more tolerant with negative feedback that’s well constructed criticism like your, rather than positive feedback that makes me blush:P

So yeah thanks for you comment, and I do know you like the comic, you are one of the regular readers and I appreciate it man!

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