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Be careful what you wish for,Magd’!



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Well, I suppose no matter how ‘unconventional’ a heroine is, she can never be ‘unconventional’ enough to just hit the guy twice before he can get his bearings? Sorry to see such a tired trope in this comic, where characters so far did a really good job to not conform to gender cliches.

Of course, I may be jumping the gun here, and maybe she will whack him again on the next page, or grab the gun and shoot him. In that case, ignore what I said, please.

Unfortunately I will have to make spoilers for the next page,but I appreciate your well constructed criticism to just say: Sorry to disappoint you :/

Well, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, I know that some bits and pieces of the comic are a bit old-fashioned, but I am an 80′s child can’t help it hehehe ;)
Thank you so much I appreciate it!

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