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Izzy you fool you’ve missed your chance.

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ANGELIKI, COME OOOON!!! Waters really is wide open after that cruel move. OI! I know, I know, I can’t second guess your characters moves and reactions, after all, your the creator of this graphic novel. A damn good one at that. I think I can see where this is going, maybe. Again, terribly hard to look at this brutality which you illustrate so shockingly. I pray this never happened to you. My heart goes out to poor Magda. Pick up the gun my dear and empty the clip on the pig bastard.

I love this comic! Oh Isidore, I really like the second panel, the movement looks quite violent, haha I know I´m not suposed to laugh, but in the fifth panel when Liam hits Isidore it reminded me to those old batman series, when they would hit the villian and it would be all like BOOM! POW! KABOOM! jeje

Isidore I know they smashed your friend´s head against a wall but the more reason for you to react quick !

Go Magda go! Also weird comment, that green color sure fits magda! She should use it more often

@jsfury I know I know don’t hate me though!In order to justify what’s coming we need this sort of anticipation otherwise it would be ‘wrong’!
I loved your comment about the luger in the previous page!

Again thanks for the comments mate:)

@Kanzez Mack Thank you so much!
Yes I like the KAPOW effects every now and then hehehehe

Green is good we like green!

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