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Really? STOP!?! Really Ange? Magda has been brutally beaten and raped and she’s yelling STOP when she got a big 9 mil Luger at that pig bastards back? Honey, just SHOT!!! Angeliki my dear, enough of this evil. Put and end to it. You’ve made your point beyond a doubt.

@jsfury Heheheh I know I know we all want this guy dead.BUT NO.I will torture my readers just a liiiitle bit longer:P

My lord this page is amaxzing! the angles, the colors! the expretion and poses of the characters!!

And oh lord poor dear Magda…! taking a person´s life its not an easy thing, and I´m guessing she did love him at some point? This is so awful, and though he surely deserves him, I kind of dont want Magda to shoot! and more for herself than for Liam, the idea that he cornes her into the need of staining her hands with blood its so harsh!

and therefore, amazing writing, I feel struggling, like her, between how much he desrverves it, and yet wondering if she should actually shoot or not, I say, go for the legs hun! that will take him off and leave him crawling in pain!

Amazing work Angeliki, im such a fan of yours! tha HANDS! boy, they look amazing!

Kanzen, I see your point but, you need to remember that a wounded animal is more dangerous then one that is just crazy. Magda, take the shot. Make it a head shot, and make it quick. CRACK! (That’s the sound the Luger makes when fired.) THUD! (That’s the sound Waters body makes when it hits the floor.) Ass hole gone. Now you’ve done it Ange. Controversy

Oh boy, I love this bedate.If something as simple as a few comic pages can raise some moral and social issues, my job here is done! Thanks guys !Don’t know whether the end of this scene is going to satisfy you, but I do hope so! ;)

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