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Magda has a lousy shot.But it did the job just fine.

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Angeliki, you have a most colorful way of disposing a bad guy, but it is painfully clear you know nothing of ballistics. But then I have to remember, it’s just a comic. It’s just a comic, it’s just a comic , it’s just…:) The best I can hope for is shit head here isn’t quite dead yet and he makes a go one more time at Magda, and she drill him right properly between his beady little eyes.

wow I just love the composition of this page, Karma, I should have known you would be involved in this!

Magda may have given a bad shot, but damn Karma has the best accuracy ever! haha odd that I wasnt THAT far of! haha! loved it Angeliki! would it be ok If I called you angie maybe? I dunno why, maybe I just find Angeliki a little long : )

I´m glad it was a soooort of accident that Magda shot him, its good that she didn´t have to really become a murderer for that guy´s fault

And im sorry (kinda) to say it, but I just love all the characters, Liam included, in his own way, of course, he is a bastard, but a really good character, too bad this is all we´ll see of him, but it was a good amount !

nice work! u r one of my personal idols : D!!

@Isobel :)

@Jsfury heheheh Maybe we should get Mythbusters on that dodging bullet issue,right?:)

@Kanzen Thank you so much, but you still have a bit of a surprise for this scene to see!

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