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“The wait is over”.Well,no,not for you guys,you need to wait a week. :P

It’s election week here in Greece so hey don’t forget to vote :P

Facebook page for sketches and more.

This series has brilliant soundtrack and it was a great inspiration while working on these pages.


Hmmm. Okay, this could be it. We’ll see. Ange, I am having a flash back here with panel seven and the way Izzy is positioned. Don’t know if you are old enough to remember this movie. It was released in 1973 and it stared Clint Eastwood. The movie, “Magnum Force”. The way you have drawn Isidore is very similar to the picture of Eastwood, (Dirty Harry) on the bill board poster. As for Waters. Remember what I said about wounded animals being worse then one that is just generally pissed off? :0

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