Page 154

Excuse me while I lie down and cry after this page(s).
(problem with the layout of the website meaning I can’t upload a bigger version,but you can check it out a little better over¬†here¬† !

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Ange, this is a really complexes page you have drawn here and I know it took a lot of time and work to do it. Beautiful. A little hard to read, but thankfully it can be magnified. Izzy, where are you. Those cops are dead for sure if someone doesn’t come to their rescue, soon!

this is the most amazing thing!! im so glad I waited to read all this pages together, so so soooo SOOOOOO good, love the composition of the pannels here! and evrything, so hard to make a car chase scene!! my absolute admiraton and congratulations *claps till the end of eternity*

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